Despite the minimum activity level at India’s Broadband Wireless Auction having been raised to 90%, the average price increase per round unexpectedly continued to decline. During the six rounds of bidding held on Day 9, the average Pan-India price increase per round was down to its lowest ever, at Rs. 62.62 crore. The pan India price increased only Rs. 375.73 crore during the day, up 4.37% since the previous day. A total of 68 rounds of bidding have been completed.

The pan-India price for BWA spectrum has gone up to Rs. 8979.87 crore, to close at 413.14% higher than the base auction price of Rs. 1750 crore.

Auction Trends

– 6 rounds of auction were completed on Day 9, bringing the total number of rounds of bidding to 68.
– Pan-India BWA Auction price is Rs. 8979.87 Crore, which is Rs. 7229.87 (413.14%) higher than base price, increasing at the rate of Rs. 106.32 cr per round of auction
– On Day 9, the auction price went up by Rs. 375.73 crore, up 4.37% for the day

– The pan-India auction price for BWA spectrum is, at the end of day 9 (68rounds), where the pan-India 3G auction price was at the end of 16 days. The 3G auction continued for 34 days and 183 rounds.
– Total government revenue from the auction stands at Rs. 26939.61 crore, with Rs. 17959.74 crore from private telecom operators alone

– Price for 6 circles did not increase during the day (compared to 9 circles on the previous day): Maharashtra, Kolkata, West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, North East, Jammu & Kashmir.
– Price for Delhi went up Rs. 80.23 crore, up 6.15 %, to close at Rs. 1384.89 crore.
– Price for Mumbai increased more than Delhi, to close at Rs. 1404.17 crore, up Rs. 99.51 crore (7.63%) for the day
– Delhi and Mumbai account for 31.06% of total BWA bid price
– Delhi, Mumbai, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu account for 66.48% of the Pan-India BWA bid price.

– Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa, Assam, North East, reported par demand for the day
– Only Delhi and Mumbai reported excess demand

– Price for Tamil Nadu went up Rs. 73.67 crore, up 6.15% for the day, for Gujarat was up Rs. 32.50 cr, 6.15%, and Andhra Pradesh: up Rs. 8.94 crore, 1%.

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