Among the more significant launches in the Indic Language space: Web18 has launched a Hindi version of its flagship finance portal provides visitors with news, real time stocks dates, analyses and financial investment forums, all in Hindi. A conscious attempt appears to have been made to replicate the look and feel of, which was also given an overhaul recently: there is news content, some of which is from, mutual fund info, calculators, and most importantly, an integration with the MoneyControl Message Board in Hindi;commenting in Hindi is powered by Rediff funded Quillpad. MyTV has also been launched for Hindi as Mera TV, using content from CNBC Awaaz, Network18s Hindi finance channel.

What is apparent, though, is that the number of advertisements on MoneyControl Hindi are fewer, an issue that Indic language sites have mentioned to us in the past: that advertisers tend to advertise primarily in English, and Indic langauge portals don’t get the same rates.

AwaazKarobar vs MoneyControl Hindi

Why we believe this launch is significant, as an Indic launch, is because the MoneyControl brand has been linked with the Indic launch; Web18 had launched a Hindi finance site earlier:, the website for CNBC Awaaz. This launch also leaves MoneyControl with an interesting situation: does it continue with AwaazKarobar, or switch users and the promotion on the channel to MoneyControl Hindi.

Web18 faces these decisions (or indecisions) often: they have Josh18 for Hindi content, as well as; Network18 once had three shopping related sites running (StoreGuru, HomeShop18 and CompareIndia) which is now down to two. Our take on this is: one site for one channel and one segment: Junk Josh18 for IBNKhabar (keeping the channel branding) and the current AwaazKarobar website for MoneyControl Hindi. Why invest in building another brand? There’s too much vested in the MoneyControl brand to rechristen MoneyControl Hindi as AwaazKarobar…but then we don’t understand the big portal, big media business, do we?