It appears that Reliance BIG Entertainment (RBE) was working on a comparison shopping portal called BIGMRP, according to an announcement of the appointment of Kedar Gavane to sales for analytics company Comscore in India.

Gavane, who prior to joining Comscore, had founded ViralSmith, a marketing analytics firm, was previously the COO of BIGMRP, responsible for, according to the statement: “spearheaded the online comparison shopping product from conception to completion, including business development, establishing a product roadmap and formulating a launch plan.” Gavane also served as product head for, and was previously with Anandbazaar Patrika as manager for corporate strategy and business development.

So, the domain (MRP stands for Maximum Retail Price), was registered by Gavane for RBE. It’s not known what happened after the launch plans were formalized, but the site hasn’t been launched yet. We’ll keep an eye out for it.

Among comparison shopping websites, Network18, also owns, though we’re not quite sure of what happened to it post redesign. CompareIndia was acquired by Network18 in 2006. The site is still live, and was integrated into StoreGuru (which later became StoreGuru was eventually replaced by HomeShop18 at, which doesn’t have a shopping comparison feature. So that’s that?

Speaking of shopping portals, India has recently been flooded with group buying portals, some 15,000 of them. I’m exaggerating, of course, but I frankly don’t think most of them will last out the next two years. Online shopping has failed to click big India (apart from ticketing), and the group buying fad will run its natural course. I hope to be proven wrong, though: as Ajit Balakrishnan had said at a conference last year, e-commerce is important for Internet businesses in India.

P.s.: We had once made a list of all the Reliance BIG Entertainment businesses.

Update: Several malicious comments against Gavane were made from a single IP address using different nick-names. We’ve moderated all those comments, as well as related (non-malicious) comments. Comments have subsequently been closed, and we wish the discussion had been around the shopping e-commerce space, and RBE’s businesses.