By the time Day 20 of India’s historic auction of 3G spectrum ends, the total cost of pan-India spectrum will probably have crossed Rs. 100 billion. At the end of 110 rounds, Day 19 finished on May 1st 2010 with the pan-India price at Rs. 99.2 billion. Some observations on the auction:

— Price increased by Rs. 1.91 billion (2.05% over previous day) over 4 rounds on 30th April, and Rs. 3.993 billion (4.19%) over 6 rounds on 1st May
— Price for a pan-India spectrum slot is 64.20 Bn higher than the base price of Rs. 35 billion; thats 183.44% over base price
— Price for 11 circles did not increase on 30th April, and 10 circles on 1st May

— Maharashtra became the third circle to cross the Rs. 10 Bn mark, after Mumbai and Delhi
— Price for 7 circles – Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Orissa, Assam, North East and Jammu and Kashmir hasn’t increased for at least 7 days now.
— Price for Jammu & Kashmir hasn’t increased for all 19 days

— Price for Gujarat rose the most (8.18%) on 1st May, after days of very little change
— Price for Delhi and Mumbai has consistently increased the most: on 1st May, Mumbai rose by 7.35% to lead at Rs 16.17 Bn, Delhi by 6.15% to end up second at Rs. 15.5 Bn, and Karnataka by 7.11% to end at Rs. 8.18 Bn. Maharashtra rose the most, by 6.26%, on 30th April.

— The minimum activity requirement was increased to 90% on 30th April.
— Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kolkata saw excess demand on May 1st. Karnataka had maximum demand, and its price will be increased the most at the resumption on bidding on May 3rd.
— 16 circles had less than par demand on May 1st.