At the end of 153 rounds of India’s 3G Auction, the price for Pan India spectrum is Rs. 140.26Bn, 300% above its base price of Rs. 35Bn, rising 4.1% on day 27. In absolute terms, the price rose Rs. 5.53Bn on the day, compared to Rs. 6.223 Bn and Rs. 7.823 Bn on the previous two days. The minimum activity requirement is at 100%, but with there still being excess demand for a few circles, it looks like this auction won’t end until someone decides they can’t afford to pay those extra few million rupees.

3G Auction Status

When bidding resumes, price for circles with excess and on-par demand will be raised by 10 percent, while price for circles with deficient demand will remain the same.

– Excess Demand: Delhi, Karnataka, Punjab, Bihar, Orissa
– Par Demand: Mumbai, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kolkata, UP (East), UP (West), Assam, North East
– Deficient Demand: Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir
(Previous day: Excess, Par, Deficient)

Category A Circles
— Delhi and Mumbai are neck and neck: price for a slot in Delhi went up the most on the day, by Rs. 1.38 Bn (and 5.79%), but at Rs. 25.11, it still trails Mumbai, which is priced at Rs. 25.58, and went up by Rs. 1.25 (and 5.12%) during the day
— Price for Tamil Nadu went up by Rs. 0.66 billion, almost 5.1% during the day.
— The top 4 – Mumbai, Delhi, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu – account for 56% of the Pan India price
— The top 3 2 – Mumbai and Delhi – account for 36% of the Pan India price

— In percentage terms, price for a spectrum slot in Bihar went up the most, yet again, by as much as 31%, though on a low base. 7 Bids came in for Bihar, 3 more than the number of slots available. Bihar ended the day priced at Rs. 1.40 billion, its price set up be increased by Rs. 75 million when bidding resumes. This is for the third day running that Bihar has witnessed significant excess demand.

— Still no change in price for Himachal Pradesh: it remains at the price it began the auction at – Rs. 300 million.
— Apart from Himachal Pradesh, the price for Gujarat, Kerala, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, and Jammu & Kashmir did not increase during the day.

Download all the 3G Auction documents here