Airtel may have received all the attention for its Mobile-DTH cross-media application which allows recording of TV shows via mobile, but competitor Tata Sky wants to go a step further: the company is enabling recording of TV shows on its DVR Tata Sky Plus, via the Internet and Mobile. The Internet option might actually allow a wider reach among Tata Sky Plus customers than mobile, who might have access to the Internet in office, but not necessarily GPRS enabled on their mobile, or know how to install a Java based application. The announcement was made on April 15th, and the service is expected to be launched by the end of this month.

Along with this announcement, Tata Sky also announced two other features – “True Video-on-Demand (TVoD)”, which allows viewers to get access to content already downloaded to their DVR, instead of a pay-per-view model, where they needed to depend on timings defined by the DTH service provider, and ‘Auto Standby’ for the environmentally conscious among us.

While on DTH: interoperability of set-top-boxes has been discussed for quite a while: no policy movement on that yet?

— Updated: Airtel DTH Allows Remote TV Recording Via Mobile