Infospace India Software Development Pvt Ltd, a Bangalore based Indian subsidiary of online search company Infospace Inc is being acquired by Aditi Technologies, a software product and application development company. Infospace owns the meta search engines Dogpile, Webcrawler, MetaCrawler, Nation, online auction site, among others.

The terms of the deal, though approved by both boards, have not been disclosed; this isn’t one of those “we can run this cheaper for you” deals, is it? It does appear to be a client acquisition for Aditi Technologies, since Infospace India will continue to service Infospace, which will benefit from “operational efficiency and continued access to quality engineering talent,” according to Infospace CTO Leo Chang. How long Infospace India is going to service Infospace hasn’t been disclosed either.

The sale has taken place just around three years after the development center was established in Bangalore, for online product development, software engineering, and product testing for Infospace’s global product portfolio. On the other hand, the deal allows Aditi to provide search business solutions for clients. Besides India, Aditi Technologies has offices in Seattle, Boston, London and New York, and has been looking to expand its role from a pure play service provider to an IP-based software solutions provider. So will the search IP be owned by Infospace or Aditi?

Note that Infospace has its own business solutions, which include private label search solutions.

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