The Wall Street Journal: Rajeev Mantri criticized the Indian’s governments approach of trying to extract as much money from the 3G and BWA auctions as possible, saying that the services will be priced high, and will be out of reach of a majority of people. Read More

Business Line: The mock trials for 3G and BWA spectrum underwent smoothly on Monday, and though the mock trial was originally scheduled for two days, it was called off for Tuesday. Read more

Economic Times: The Government is planning to refund a major portion of license fee that the PSU telco will pay for 3G and BWA spectrum, according to sources. Read more

DNA: The 3G auction may take weeks or even more than a month to complete. Read more

Business Standard: The online auction system has been designed in a manner that there would be no predatory jump while bidding, and bidders have no control over increasing the base price. Read More

Note: download this presentation (pdf) from the auctioneer explaining how the 3G auction will function