42 job openings across 16 companies from India are up on our Job Board, ranging from developers, sales and marketing profiles, account management, content writers, IT and networking. If you’re looking for a job, or to hire, do try out JobNama.

IT/Networking/Technology: 3 Jobs
Content Writing/Editorial: 9 Jobs
Programmers/Software Developers: 10 Jobs
Sales/Biz Dev/Marketing: 8 Jobs
Product/Project/Program Management: 2 Jobs
Advertising/PR: 3 Jobs
Art/Graphic Design: 2 Jobs
TV/Film/Video: 2 Jobs
Other: 2 Jobs
Startups: 1 Job

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A few openings:

Creative Group Head, Digital at a Top Global Agency
Product Manager at One97 Communications
Senior Reporter / Principal Correspondent
Sr. Dot Net professionals at New Media Guru
Marketing Manager – RockeTalk India

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Other companies that are hiring: epixel consulting, Borget Solutions, VoiceTap Technologies, 160by2, Pubmatic, Ozone Media, Zapak Digital Entertainment, Star News, Scalarc Inc, ForteMall, A Niche Channel, Bloggers Mind, Doublespring, Roving Writers, SAITA Consulting, Wirkle Technologies, Youpid.

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