The provisional price of a pan-India spectrum at India’s 3G Auction rose to Rs. 86.62 Bn, up 3.33% from Rs. 83.83 billion the day before, and 147.5% from the base price of Rs. 35 billion. The focus of bids towards Delhi and Mumbai increased further, as they accounted for Rs. 26.13 billion – around 30.1 percent of the total amount. Mumbai, at Rs. 13.29 billion, increased its lead over Delhi, which ended the day at Rs. 12.84 billion. The two metro circles, despite their high base, continued to grow the fastest, at 6.1% each for the day. We’re now 15 days into the 3G Auction, and there’s no sight of it ending soon as demand remains. It’s almost like a game of blink, and no operator wants the the first to say no.

UP (West) continues to lead the Category B circles, and Kerala is marginally ahead of UP (East). Charts for the day:

Note: We’ve got a couple of other interesting charts to put out, based on suggestions from @addepalli. If there’s any other chart you’d like to see on the 3G auction, do let us know. We’ll put them up over the weekend.

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