At Rs. 72. 68 billion at the end of Day 11 of India’s 3G Auction, the price for a pan-India 3G license is more than double of the base price of Rs. 35 billion. The day saw the highest ever increase in pan-India spectrum price, by Rs. 6.3 billion, up 9.56 percent over the six rounds of bidding. The base price is now Rs. 37.68 billion more than base price. Have the minimum activity requirements been pushed up?

Circlewise Data

There was excess demand during the final round, with two more slots bid for than available for Delhi, Mumbai and Maharashtra. Delhi ended the day at Rs. 8.5 billion, Mumbai at Rs. 7.52 billion, and Tamil Nadu close behind at Rs. 7.11 billion. Maharshtra came close to the Rs. 7 billion mark at Rs. 6.97 billion. Gujarat (Rs. 5.83 billion), Andhra Pradesh (Rs. 6.27 billion) and Karnataka (6.38 billion) also rose.

All the Category B circles, Kolkata, Kerala, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal rose, with Uttar Pradesh (E) at Rs. 2.5 Bn, and Uttar Pradesh (W) at Rs. 2.67 billion, leading the way. West Bengal was the lowest among these circles, stagnant since Day 4 at Rs. 1.24 billion.

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