MediaNama is a leading online media company covering news on Internet, Mobile, Media and Gaming businesses in India, providing a business audience with incisive inputs, and a pan-digital perspective. We’re hiring people who are passionate about the digital domain, who would like to be at the forefront of developments across this industry.

We’re looking for a dedicated and incisive journalist who will be part of the vision of taking MediaNama to the next level. It will be a full time position and candidates with a passion & understanding of the Internet and Mobile domains will be preferred.

Key Responsibilities

— Track & report current events & news in Internet and Mobile domain
— Conduct audio, video, written interviews with industry executives
— Analyse information and present in a concise manner
— Create industry specific analytical reports
— Maintain relations with industry executives
— Track international developments in Internet and Mobile domains
— You would need to be on top of the market environment & general happenings and identify opportunities and leads in the domains to provide competitive advantage to MediaNama.

You must also be open to taking on additional responsibility during events and conferences.

Note: Promising candidates with limited experience will also be considered; your passion for the digital domain and writing skills matter most.

Candidate Profile

— 1 year of business news reporting experience. Preference would be given to candidates with online work experience.
— Background knowledge of Media, Internet, mobile and/or technology
— Excellent command of the English language
— Should be able to analyse news and trends
— Dynamic & pro active work style
— Basic working knowledge of HTML.
— Knowledge of video editing would be asset

Contact: Please email your CV and 2 writing samples to

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