GIS services provider MapMyIndia is going to launch in partnership with Alteryx, a Geographic Business Intelligence company. Alteryx has a software platform that can be deployed for analytics and data processing using map data, for example, for analysing market performance, conducting direct marketing campaigns and cross selling new products. For example, for analyzing the deployment of multiple price and service plans in a telecom circle.

The partnership will launch, a portal which will maintain key demographics for India using MapmyIndia’s spatial data, allowing small businesses to get useful demographic information on specific locations in India. The portal hasn’t been launched yet, and we wonder about the source, the depth and the accuracy of the data that MapMyIndia intends to display on the portal, or, indeed along with the platform. Given the lack of a credible competitor with such information, it could become the de-facto destination for demographic information. It’s likely that Alteryx will be cross-sold using the portal, given that it is primarily a business intelligence software. CE Infosystems, the company which operates MapMyIndia, provides businesses with GIS based decision support systems. Alteryx allows integration of formula and mathematical functions: for example, which an insurance agent can use to calculate a premium for in a particular state; it also allows financial and statistical calcuations, trade area analysis and mapping, drive time analysis for sales routes, and geographic news search.

MapMyIndia will be Alteryx’ exclusive distributor, systems integrator and authorized Alteryx training partner in India.


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