Liquid Comics formerly known as Virgin Comics has partnered with Deepak Chopra, yes – the author of self-help and motivational books, for a film based on their graphic novel ‘Beyond’, which will be directed by British filmmaker Suri Krishnamma.

Liquid Comics’ founders Gotham Chopra and Sharad Devrajan along with John Garland and Michael Diffucy will produce the film.

It looks like Liquid Comics is trying to keep most of the commitments after the Virgin Group exited the company: it is also working on other film and television projects including Warner Brothers’ film adaptation of ‘Gamekeeper’ with director Guy Ritchie (check out the Youtube video embedded below),  ‘Virulents’ with director John Moore, ‘Voodoo Child’ with Saturn Films and Reliance, ‘The Leaves’ with Summit Entertainment and ‘The Stranded’ in development for television, with the Syfy Channel.

Other graphic novel and comic properties of Liquid Comics include Deepak Chopra’s Ganesha and Buddha , Shekar Kapur’s Devi and Snake Women, John Woo’s Seven Brothers, Edward Burns’ Ed Burns – DOC, Sadhu, Mumbai Macguff, Ramayan 3392 AD etc.

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