Games2win, a Clearstone Venture Advisors funded online games company, has launched a virtual world for children called After adults getting addicted to farming, being part of mafias and the numerous online massive multilayer games, Games2Win is looking at engaging a different set of players: kids between the age of 5 and 12.

The game will allow kids to create chimp avatars to play games, interact with other kids, dress up these avatars and according to the company ‘live out their imaginative minds in a safe and real time environment’. And here I thought parents had their hands full with one idiot box already.


The game is free and so are the avatars. Games2Win plans to monetize it through a subscription model, where the parents are expected to shell out Rs 250 per month so that their children can go on a virtual shopping spree, buying virtual clothes, special items and decorations for their chimp avatars and virtual sand castles. You can’t say not to a wailing kid, and that is what Games2Win is banking on.

The website however lists out three additional plans and all the four are marked in dollars: options for 3 months, 6 months and year which will cost $13.99, $26.99 and $49.99 respectively. The company expects to start making profit in the next 18 months. All the best with that, but it’s more likely that Games2Win is looking for a smaller scale repeat of Disney’s acquisition of Club Penguin. ACK Media also tried out a similar 2D world, more as a game than a community, with Legend of Katha.

The major problem here would be monitoring children on what they access on the internet by accident or on purpose if left unsupervised for a long period of time, but then Games2Win isn’t responsible for what they access outside of their website. It would also be very difficult to retain children in a virtual world since they get distracted and bored easily but the company claims that  they have already planned out new activities for the next 6 months to keep children interested.

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