Emantras, a digital education company operating out of Chennai and Delhi, has announced the launch of MobI21 a mobile education platform targeting the US market. Mob21 can be used for distribution of educational content by individuals or institutions primarily to mobile phones, PCs and social networks. The platform has around 1000 users in its beta version, and a full launch for the product is expected by the end of this month.

In India, emantras is targeting universities, particularly medical and technical universities with the product, as well as study guides. They operate on a licensing model for universities. Apart from universities, emantras also feels that there might be an opportunity for servicing large corporates for training their employees. It helps that among their clients are major publishers like McGraw Hill, Pearson, Blackwell, Elsevier, Cengage Learning, Blackwell-Wiley.

The major problem I see with the platform is that, at present, it only supports iPhone, iPod Touch and desktop widgets, especially in India, where Symbian based phones, besides Android and Blackberry are the ones most used. The company plans to launch BlackBerry and Symbian versions in the next 2-3 months. Another problem in India would be the language support. The platform at present only supports English, but the company says they have plans to support other languages as well.

Ematras claims that the system is designed for teachers to create material quickly and effectively for students; for students to create their own study material; and for publishers to create content that will compliment formal text and online course-ware.

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