African mobile handset manufacturer, Mi-Fone has entered the Indian market, with its claim of being youth centric handset manufacturers. At a time when major telcom operators from India are looking at Africa, looks like the trend is mutual. Handsets from the company currently available in India includes Mi-Q family. Mi-5QS, Mi-338, Mi-2010 and Mi 350a. The company claims that each handset type has been selected to target techno savvy young adults.

Handsets And Pricing

The Mi-Q phones come with camera, GPRS, dual SIM and Querty keypads. The later versions of the Mi-Querty range of phones will also include ‘MI-APPS’ with which the company claims users will get a lighter version of the Blackberry experience. Another one of the company’s handsets is the Mi-Q338 has LCD touch screen, Dual Sim along with analog TV, MP3 and video capability with the regular multi-media functions. The Mi-350a has an enhanced antenna and comes with dual batteries.

The prices of the set were not announed and in the website they have been marked in dollars. The Mi-Q querty has been priced at $69.99, roughly around Rs 3219, surprisingly cheap for a phone that promises the Blackberry experience. Mi-350 will cost $99.99, roughly around Rs 4600.


Nokia has a marketshare of 55.9 percent in the hanset market in India according to IDC. Mi-Fone will definaltle be looking at gettign a share of that pie. Mi-Fone in India with its affordable pricing of feature rich phones will get a good response in India similar to Karbonn Mobiles and Micromax have done.  Karbonn, Lava, Micromax and Movil have increased their marketshare to 15 percent and is projected to rise to 25-30 percent in the next three to five years.

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