Google’s flagship Nexus One mobile handset will be redesigned for India. The handset will be a simplified cousin of the one that was launched in USA in January and will also be priced more economically, according to Digital Inspiration. Is this Google’s way of taking on Nokia, which has a market share of 55.9 percent in the handset market in India (according to IDC)? It’ll have to do more.

Why Dumb Down A Smart Phone?

We wonder if this stripping down of features is strictly necessary – there is a market for high end smartphones in India too. Google might want to appeal to the majority of the 500 million mobile users in India who use low end handsets, but it need not have to adopt such an either-or strategy. Why not develop another phone designed for the masses and call it the Google Indi Nexus One or something appropriate?

What We Think Might Change

The NexusOne currently has a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, which can be trimmed. Since Google believes that India is still not a smartphone friendly country, they might do away with Wi-Fi and HSDPA, HSUPA. So power requirements come down drastically, and battery type might change. Hopefully not.

The Google Nexus One is expected to arrive in India sometime in the fourth quarter of 2010. Incidentally, that’s when Microsoft’s Windows Phone Series 7 will also be launched. Exciting times ahead.

We learnt of this news, via Labnol, from tweets by CNBC-TV18 anchor and producer Ankit Vengurlekar, who was talking to Shailesh Rao, MD of Google India, a few days ago.


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