Hyderabad based Ybrant Digital has launched a city-wide search platform called YReach. Though labeled as a “shopping and lifestyle search platform”, it can more accurately be called a local search engine for restaurants, shopping destinations, movies and events in a city with additional content such as reviews, interviews, news, recipes etc.

The site only features Hyderabad currently, and will add Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Pune later. In order to keep up with competition – The City Guide, with whom NDTV Convergence partnered for its subsite, Asklaila and Burpp – YReach needs to update search for other cities as soon as possible. Rather than this hurried launch for one city, Ybrant should have waited and launched it pan-India. What was the hurry?

The Site, Searching, Categories

Four major categories are highlighted in the site: Food, Travel, Music and Movies. In the Food category there are sub categories of events, recipes, restaurants, seasonal favorites and videos. To search in these categories you have to browse your way through the alphabetically sorted list using the alphabets according to your need or view it in pages, skipping to any page.

Yreach definitely has a more colourful and fun look, navigation is easy and simple. However, there are fewer search categories and filters. The site lets users search for various products and services in a city, and claims to cater to the needs of an entire family.

The home page has search categories such business services, home-product and services, health services and medicine and clothing and accessories. In a bid to be interactive, the site provides space for user reviews of all kinds – from travel destinations such as Aaraku Valley to eatery KFC.

There is also a section on the site named Today’s Special and currently features Lepakshi Heritage Exhibition. Other specials that appear on clicking site are names of pubs, bars and restaurants with special events and their dates and timings.

Voice/SMS Search

According to the company, the site is not the only way to reach YReach. Users can call on 45678910 or SMS at 5626333.

Movie Tickets Via BookMyShow.com

The site also allows users to book movie tickets and though the site has been launched only for Hyderabad, the movie cinema search allows a user to search in other cities as well. This feature in the website is being powered by BookMyShow.com.

Video Section: Outdated?

Another section is named latest videos but not living up to the name, the latest Bollywood video we could find was from the movie Dostana. There are many video trailers of South Indian movies and a few Hollywood flicks as well.

The Movies categories additionally has a Now Showing box with names of movies currently showing in theatres: in keeping with the location, the list features English, Hindi, Malyalam and Telugu films.

The Music category has a variety of options such as artists biography, contests, events, interviews, lyrics, music videos, new releases, news, retailers, reviews and top 10. A good landing page for the musically inclined.

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