Following the launch of the Hindustan Times on Kindle, Amazon’s Ebook Reader, three other Indian publications have launched Kindle Editions: the Financial Express is the first Indian financial daily available to buyers of the ebook reader, priced at $9.99 for a months subscription, the same price as HT. The groups flagship publication, The Indian Express, has been launched at the same price. Content from the Indian Express group is being delivered without tables or images. While Kindle editions were being planned for both HT Media’s financial paper Mint and BCCLs group publications, but we couldn’t find them at the Kindle Store.

India Today appears to have become the first Indian magazine on Kindle, delivered weekly at a reasonable monthly subscription price of $1.99 (approximately Rs. 91). Content is delivered every Monday, but sans the images that one finds in the print edition or online.

Among the reviews for Hindustan Times, I noticed one from an India asking for HT to be delivered free to Indian subscribers, just as it is online. Don’t see why that should happen: the content is available on the web for free, and one can access it online if one wants to. Why shouldn’t media companies be able to monetize their content on the Kindle, if people are willing to pay. This is about targeting new readers as well: another review is by a German interested in Indian culture. All I can say is: don’t judge the culture by what you read in the news.

Disclosure: I occasionally write a column on telecom and digital media for the Financial Express