(By Diwaskar Chettri & Nikhil Pahwa)

For a while, we were under the impression that NDTV Convergence had developed the newly launched NDTV – The City Guide portal, but apparently not: the portal, which provides city specific information to users, is just another one of NDTVs tie-ups, like previous tie-ups for gifts, education, classifieds, auto, games, among others. And we thought NDTV Convergence had turned a corner and started doing their own products after NDTV Social. Alas, it was not to be.

The City Guide is a web portal that lets users search their city for products and services and their location. Users can search under categories including Night Life, Arts & Entertainment and Events across 12 cities which include all the four metros and other major cities such as Bangalore, Pune, Jaipur among others.

Services & Info

The city search covers Hospitals, ATMs (by bank), outlet locater (by brands) for beauty parlours, cafes, gyms, multiplexes, restaurants and stores. Search results are fairly accurate and accompanied by maps powered by Google. The site also lists upcoming events, weather reports, movie reviews. In the Scoops page of the website there are light humoured articles on Relationships, Beauty & Fitness, Events, Shopping, Travel, Food & Wine, Night Life, Live-in-Style and Voices. These are written by 10 ‘scribblers’ listed on the site. It is not sure whether they are users or content writers for the site. Users also have the option to add their business to the site using the listings tab under quick links. You can share the results on Twitter and Facebook or send as an SMS to any phone. Users also have the option to log in to the site using a Facebook account or email id and can write reviews for the search results and get regular updates on offers.

Comparison with Burrp.com

Burrp is easier to navigate than City Guide and has a slightly less cluttered page. Where Burrp loses out is that it offers search for only 8 cities whereas City Guide lets you search 12 cities. Search results vary for the different categories in both the sites. City Guide shows 1629 results for home delivery whereas Burrp displays 902. For Night Life however Burrp has 403 results and City Guide has 78 results.

Burrp has additional features such as buying movie tickets powered by BookmyShow after reading their reviews and a a TV channel guide which is missing for City Guide. Timescity of Indiatimes and Asklaila are the other city search services on the internet.


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