timesjobs-globalconnectA few days ago, we’d highlighted the opportunity for Balaji Telefilms’ Hoonur.com, created because existing job sites just don’t have the tools to service the entertainment industry better and just don’t don’t allow candidates to publish detailed portfolios.

The GlobalConnect initiative from TimesJobs, the job portal from the BCCL Group, is a step in the right direction. GlobalConnect allows users to aggregate their profile information: professional profiles, videos, websites, blog links, embed work samples, etc. in their TimesJobs.com resume. Apart from the inclusion of videos from YouTube, SlideShare presentations, documents from Google Docs With TimesJobs Global Connect, a candidate can also embed their Slideshare presentations, relevant videos from YouTube, and documents from Google Docs. The integration of an instant messenger (Gtalk, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, AIM, and/ or Skype accounts) allows the recruiter to chat with the candidate through their TimesJobs account.

However, the issue is that while allowing candidates to showcase more details might help them during the screening process, remember that recruiters need to sift through a massive number of resumes: would those who use job sites for mass hiring actually have that kind of time to look beyond the resume?

I think the inclusion of LinkedIn (and its BCCL owned competitor PeerPower) is a particularly interesting situation, because instead of competing with LinkedIn, TimesJobs has co-opted them with this move. Remember that LinkedIn is an open database, and user details are easily accessible, unlike job portals which are a closed database. Job Portals monetize by providing access to the closed database, and in this case, TimesJobs is acting as more of a facilitator. However, LinkedIn isn’t suited for mass hiring, since discovering relevant profiles is particularly difficult.

About time Naukri integrated with Brijj?