According to a releaseKomli Media and Artivision have tied up to introduce  advertising solutions for online video content publishers in the Indian market. Neo@Ogilvy & OgilvyOne would set an online video creation facility and work closely with the Komli – Artivision partnership. Artivision’s Target-Ad is an in-video monetization service, generating ad placements. Target-Ad uses video content analysis to automatically find and map IAB standard ad units within areas that do not interfere with the user’s viewing experience.

Our Take

We don’t agree with the claim made in press release, about Neo@Ogilvy setting up India’s first online video creation facility. Video ad network Jivox was the first to launch in India, tools for creating adverts online, primarily targeting small advertisers. Apart from that, Indian companies like Rajshri Media have made special for-Internet content; Rajshri has/had a broadband studio. We had contacted Komli PR execs and company representatives yesterday, and they are yet to get back to us.

Secondly, we don’t like the idea of a partnership between an agency and an ad network; it is not in the advertisers interest, which should choose what is best for the client by comparing available advertising options. A “partnership”, and a plan to “work closely” puts a question mark on the independence of the agency.

We feel the same way about agencies launching Ad Networks, because the company benefits more from running the advertising on their own networks, rather than competing networks, leading to a greater propensity to run ads on company owned networks.

We’ll update in case there’s a response.