This year, many are advocating a quiet, smokeless Diwali. While some may ignore it and buy Atom bombs or set off flower pots anyway, others may choose to celebrate it differently, with candles and donations to charities. Whichever you pick, this Diwali can be more than a festival – it can be an perfect opportunity for us to re-join society.

In our world of Facebook/Orkut/Twitter addictions, Blackberry thumbs and SMS responses, we seem to have forgotten how to function in the real world. How to reach out, share a joke, be naughty, be brave, believe, debate or just have a conversation with a neighbour.

This Diwali, log off the Internet, shut down the PC, retire the mouse, switch off your mobile and walk out of your home, socialise. Meet people and re-connect without mentally imagining what their profile would read or if you should remember to add them as a “friend” later.

It’s a complex life and Diwali makes it all simpler, brighter, more real. People are smiling, handing out sweets, donating blessings and it’s easy to escape the virtual world and re-join the real social network. Try it, have a blast!

Happy Diwali from everyone here at MediaNama,
Preethi J

P.S.:Did you take a look at Obama’s wishes?