tqgTachyon TechnologiesQuillpad has launched a commercial, license-based widget for websites. The launch follows 45 days after the Bangalore based company launched widgets for personal use. These widgets allow website owners to use their English keyboard to type in a local language of their choice. NASDAQ listed Rediff.com owns 26 percent in Tachyon.

Quillpad currently supports transliteration in ten Indian languages – Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali and Nepali.

Restrictions, Features & Multiple Languages

indic-usageThe widget for personal use is free but is restricted to offering transliteration only for a single language at a time – one can change the preferred language at any stage though. The commercial widget also does not offer all the languages – one option is a single language and a second bundles three.


Quillpad’s commercial widgets are priced at:

  • Rs. 5000 for a 3 month license for one language and
  • Rs. 10,000 for a 3 month license for three languages.

Competition From Google

Quillpad’s timing is interesting – Google recently launched a language editing application as a follow up to its Indic Transliteration initiative and Google Translate. It also introduced transliteration in Gmail and bookmarklets. Did this stream of releases cause Quillpad to launch the widgets in defense?

Quillpad was the first to begin transliteration services but Google India seems to be catching up fast. Google has extended its transliteration to Urdu and Punjabi, offering a total of 12 languages – Hindi,Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Nepali and Arabic.

Gmail, Blogger and Orkut already have options of typing in Indic languages. Bookmarklets, once added to your browser, will allow you to search for news and information on the net in the language of your choice. While both Quillpad and Google Transliterate are web-based applications, a desktop client would be the next step.

Editor Deployment


Quillpad’s transliteration editor appear to be far richer than its primary competitor Google’s service – text can be underlined, italicized or made bold; indentations, bullets and alignments can be set: text can be saved in text or HTML format. Users can also send it as an email or print it out. However note that Google has integrated transliteration into Gmail, which allows users to do much the same. Why hasn’t Google simultaneously upgraded the online transliteration editor deployment?


Quillpad’s Marathi transliteration has recently found an interested party in Loksatta, the daily by the Indian Express group, the spokesperson informed us. Quillpad also powers Marathi transliteration for Indiatimes. Hindi transliteration is the most common service used by Quillpad’s clients – VAS company OnMobile, search engine Guruji, social networking site Bigadda.com, Fropper, Josh18 as well as Rediff’s iLand, messenger servie iBol and Rediffmail.

Note that the Indiatimes Quillpad deployment didn’t work for us with Google’s Chrome browser, but works fine with Internet Explorer.


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