yahoobuzz_logo_tmDigg and Buzz – Same concept, similar names: Yahoo launched Buzz here, making India the second country after USA to have the product. Yahoo Buzz lets users rate stories and pushes up or down a story according to these ratings. Yahoo users can also comment and discuss the stories, search for news, filter using 10 categories of stories and subscribe to the RSS Feed. Updates on who buzzed up a story are shown in a column on the right and so is a button called Subscribe-Top Stories but it is not functional. It was disappointing to learn that the top searches were mostly actresses names and the Taj Mahal and the video section did not have any content.

nivairtelA Net PC For 8kNivio, which has been attempting to grow the remote desktop market has partnered with Airtel Broadband to launch a bundled offer for Internet users. The bundle includes a 15-inch screen, a keyboard and mouse, the Nivio thin-client (which is a no-frills processor), Windows XP OS, online storage and a broadband connection – is available in the NCR region for Rs 7,999. Competitor Novatium had attempted this route by partnering with BSNL and MTNL and had offered a stripped down version without any accessories nor a monitor and Linux as the OS for Rs. 2,200. At what could possibly mean low margins, these companies would require high volume sales.

Buyers will be bound to Airtel broadband and have to choose one of its plans – the basic one is the Home pack for Rs. 699 per month comes with a 256kbps line, 3 GB data transfer limit, 10 GB storage on Nivio and MS Office (standard edition) – which is again quite sufficient for surfing and some downloads.

Here’s an image of what Nivio’s Net PC Companion looks like.


IDG Expands Online Ad Network To India – IDG Technetwork is adding Germany, Spain, Sweden and India to the network, reports  Afaqs. It claims its network has more than 150 non-IDG websites  in UK and USA featuring 30 channels targeting enterprise users, gamers and technology enthusiasts. It’s interesting to see a segmented network being launched in India; we think tech is among the more premium segments online, and it should be interested to see which sites they tie up with. Good time to start a gadget blog? We haven’t really seen a vertical network take off in India yet – Webchutney had launched vertical networks which it eventually integrated into Networkplay, as channels. Bear in mind that while IDG has also funded Ozone Media, an ad network.