Remember the last elections, and the famous “Main Atal Bihari Vajpayee bol raha houn” calls that we frequently had to disconnect? Well, the BJP doesn’t appear to have learned from its mistakes from spamming mobile users during the last elections: I just got a call from Rajnath Singh, President of the BJP, from the number +914044783030. Apart from this, I’ve also received 5 unsolicited SMS’ from the political party since 1:38 AM on Sunday, from alphanumeric short codes beginning with LM (Loop/BPL, Mumbai) and MD (MTNL, Delhi). An explanation of how alphanumeric short codes are structured, here.

The party appears to be flouting the Do Not Call norms set by the TRAI. What’s also strange about the call, is the incorrect identification of constituency – Singh asked me to vote for a particular BJP candidate in Ghaziabad, while my constituency is Chandni Chowk in Delhi. Given the recent trend of errors in the electoral rolls, I just hope I don’t have to drive down to Ghaziabad to vote.