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Reliance ADA Group company Zapak is providing its games to Glamsham and Cricbuzz. Both sites are popular in their respective domains – Glamsham is Bollywood site, while Cricbuzz is a Cricket website. Cricbuzz features 8 Cricket games, while Glamsham includes 30 games – both related to films and sports. Games are both from, and their aggregator Prior to a game being loaded, an advertisement is served.

Gaming Affiliate Network?

This isn’t the first instance of a casual gaming site powering  games on a website: the gaming section of is powered by Games2win. If the games business is going to be driven by advertising, we wonder if there’s opportunity in aggregating audiences from across publishers, in exchange for revenue share:

In this context, gaming companies like Games2Win and Zapak, which have contextual games, can create an interface for select publishers to sign up for. Publishers can make relevant games available to their audience, via a dashboard that gives them access to games according to channels and topicality, as well as stats on views and monetization. This would be in exchange for an advertising revenue share. For example, a financial site like UTVi could choose finance related games for their visitors, or ESPN-STAR could make racing games available on their Formula 1 page.

This will allow gaming companies to reach out to a wide audience, as explained in the chart above, and also offer advertisers a wider audience base; do note that something similar to this has been implemented in the video content space by the Times Audience Network, in partnership with Ooyala., in which Hungama reportedly owns 75%, also deploys a distributed network.


In this context, do note what Games2Win is doing with their gaming ad network Inviziads: CEO Alok Kejriwal recently told that whenever a game is scraped from Games2Win by another publisher, InviziAds gets activated and displays their advertisements. This allows game publishers to monetize inventory which they otherwise would not have been able to. There still does remain the issue of having control over where an advertisers ad is displayed, though – not every site that scrapes this content would be, well, one that an advertiser wants his brand to be displayed on.

Update: Games2Win CEO Alok Kejriwal, in the comments to this post writes that the company is launched a do-it-yourself section for Inviziads, wherein game developers can wrap their own game with a deployment of Invizipal, which will report back details of where the game is playing, IP of the website that has scraped the ad, and an interface which allows developers to change the ads on the fly, monitor impressions and clicks, among other features. That’s an upgrade to Inviziads, all right.


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