wiproIndian IT Services company Wipro has bought Nokia Mobile Broadcast Solutions reports Reuters. The unit, which had around 40 employees, provided enterprise Mobile TV solutions. The value of the deal has not been disclosed. Nokia will continue to focus on the mobile TV client for its devices, a company representative told Reuters.

Going through the site, it does appear as if Nokia Mobile Broadcast Solutions has been in a bit of a limbo for two years – the latest brochure for their services is dated Feb 2007, and the last announcement for the segment was a DVB-H partnership in Malaysia in June 2007.

The business to business unit had around 40 employees. Nokia Mobile Broadcast Solution is essentially a DVB-H server platform for commercial mobile TV services, which can utilize the current TV content with minimal impact to the existing production systems. Nokia offered also training, implementation, integration, maintenance, and support services to facilitate the offering of commercial mobile TV services to consumers.


Nokia was targeting broadcasters, telecom operators and Mobile TV operators with the service, and given Wipro’s background in telecom services (see this and this) and telecom operator client base, this does appear to be an interesting acquisition. Indian operators are expected to leverage video content extensively once the 3G auction takes place.