has launched a map-based voting game called Secret Poll where users can zoom into India’s map, select a constituency and pick from a choice of parties – UPA, NDA, Third Front and ‘Others’ – which they think will win.

This guessing game urges you to choose who you think will win in the elections from different constituencies.You can see if you were right by checking the trends tab on the right. Rediff also shows the latest election news in a light format below the voting poll. You have to register with Rediff Social before your vote gets cast.

rediff41You can either use the map to zoom into the constituency and click to select one, or use a search provided above. The search gets you to near the constituency, but the square red pointer is never exactly on the spot. We searched for Mumbai, and it took us to Mumbai North; Bangalore to Bangalore Rural etc. This and the fact that once you hit the search, the pop-out for voting does not appear are two things Rediff could fix in the game. Right now, the pop-out appears only when you click on the circles on the map.

The site also says that as the votes gather, constituencies will change in colour depending upon which party is in majority. UPA is represented by green, but dont be shocked if you see a lot of green when only 4 votes have been clocked for the party – forests also appear as green blotches on the map. The NDA is red, the third front is blue. Currently the NDA seems to be most popular with 536 votes.

This virtual election game is definitely different and attractive as a concept of a strategy game using maps, the timing is also right with the ongoing election season ensuring that surfers will show some interest, but since it does not have much to keep the average player engaged for long and is hence a casual game. If the game is targeting political experts as it claims, it will need to include a lot more features and statistics to make them hang around. Another game called Campaign Trail will also be launched soon.