Dhruv Shenoy, President at Guruji has resigned citing personal reasons, and has moved back to Hyderabad. Shenoy confirmed the development to MediaNama. He had joined Guruji just a couple of months ago. Shenoy feels that the company is on the right track. He has not yet finalised his next move. Prior to joining Guruji, Shenoy was Country Manager of Monsters Middle East operations. 

Speaking on how Guruji has been performing, Shenoy said that the company “had a good March, and is scaling up; the Music and Finance products are doing well, and web search is picking up too”. 

That the music seach is contributing significantly to traffic is something which founder Anurag Dod had told the Hindu a couple of days ago, but it is risky business – by allowing users to play music from their search engine, they’re inviting the ire of copyright content owners, and the risk of legal action. According to ComScore, Guruji receives one million searches a day and 1.7 million uniques a month. Strange – one would have expected the number of searches to be more than the number of uniques. But then it’s ComScore.

(Updated: crossed out incorrect interpretation of data. Thanks for pointing it out Rajesh)