tedindiaTED, the definitive conference on Technology, Entertainment and Design will be held in India for the first time, at the Infosys Campus at Mysore, from November 4th to 7th 2009. The plans for TED were announced yesterday at a small gathering in Delhi, and registrations for the conference have now been opened.

The conference brings together innovative thinkers from all walks of life, with speakers including economists, designers, entrepreneurs, technologists, TV producers, journalists, politicians, musicians, scientists — an eclectic group of people brought together to discuss and create “ideas worth spreading”.

TED is an expensive affair, and while the US event costs $6000 to attend, entry to the Indian event will be priced at $2400. At the same time, 100 fellows will be allowed to participate for free. The TED India fellowship applications will open on April 20th. 80 of the 100 fellows will be Indian. There’s also a non-profit/NGO rate of $1400, and some sponsor fees. The talks are curated, and there’s no marketing or pitching; this is a conference about ideas worth spreading, and speakers are given 18 minutes.

TED India is not TED about India, but TED in India, Lakshmi Pratury, Founder and CEO Ixoraa Media, told me at the event. Paruthy will be curating the attendees at the event, and expects participation from the US and the rest of Asia. Around 60 percent of the speakers at TED India have already been finalized. She said that attendance isn’t guaranteed – the organizers will scrutinize all applications, and select attendees based on their profile, and the kind of audience mix that they intend to achieve. In all, 600 attendees are expected, from over 3000 applications. The first set of confirmations will be sent out 30 days after the event.