photon-plas-butgifBoth Reliance Communications (RCOM)  and Tata Indicom have data limits set for the unlimited plans for their wireless high speed broadband service. Both Indicoms Photon Plus, and Reliance Netconnect Plus have a data limit of 10GB for their “Unlimited” plans, according to their “Fair Usage” policies. Beyond this limit, both companies will charge consumers Rs. 2 per Mb downloaded – effectively, Rs. 2048 per GB.

reliancenetconnectTake a look at Reliance’s plan here, and Indicom’s plan here. Previous observations on Photon+ mentioned a limit of 15 GB, but that appears to now have been lowered to 10GB.

Both the services, which promise download speeds of 3.1 Mbps were launched earlier this month.  It’s ironic that Mint had quoted a Reliance Communications spokesperson earlier this month, saying “Our unlimited plans offer unlimited downloads without any restrictions.”


Need For Fair Disclosure Practices From Telcos, Renaming

We have no issues with the Telecom operators choice to have data limits for their services – it is their business decision, and we respect that. However, we believe it is imperative that they inform all consumers about the changes in their policy, and also adopt “Fair Marketing” practices. They need to stop calling these plans “Unlimited” and clearly specify the limits.

In case of wireline broadband services, the plans had previously been truly unlimited – they offered unlimited downloads. We feel that when there is a change in policy, all consumers should have been informed about the fair usage limits, and renamed their plans and its specifications. However, most telco’s retain the term unlimited, and specify the limits only in the fine print.

We think it is time for the TRAI to step in, because consumers are apparently misled by these practices – sample this comment from a consumer on Tata Indicom’s website:



I bought a Tata Photon+ device on 12th March 2009 in Bangalore and opted for Rs. 1500 unlimited Plan out of the 3 plans which existed earlier.

Now when i visit the tariff page, it does not show up the plan for which i opted and additionally it shows that all unlimited plans have a Fair Usage Limit of 15 GB.

I have enquired twice regarding the same from Tata Customer Care and they have assured me that my plan would remain the same and data transfer limit unlimited without that 15 GB limit and will remain same in future as well.

I want to make sure again that i will always stay on that plan only. I signed the agreement and purchased the device for Rs. 3500 only after considering the plan offered earlier.

Thanks and Regards,

Note that the Tariff page has since been updated, and the “Fair Usage” limit has been reduced to 10 GB from 15GB.

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