Indian Express Online Media’s has relaunched their e-commerce property, By the looks of it, Express shopping is no longer being powered by Rediff Shopping – we’ve been waiting for confirmation of this from Rediff for four days now. Rediff still hosts the previous version of the site

Some ingredients of the Express Shopping site seem to be inspired by the Rediff’s shopping site – the overall look and the Categories column, for example.

Its cheerful logo is different from the group‘s. Express Shopping could use some panache and will definitely need to include all the options available on other online shopping sites such as eBay, Future Bazaar and Sify Mall if it wants to catch up in the market. Currently it only offers shipping within India and does not yet have an option to pay in EMIs. Its payment options are also limited to ICICI, HDFC, SBI, AXIS and Punjab National banks. The site appears to be is a work in progress – for example, we noticed a change in the title of the site a few days ago.

Indiatimes Shopping by Times Internet is by rival newspaper house Times of India group; Sify has its own shopping site, while IndiaPlaza is an independent shopping site.

Indian Express Online Gets A Facelift