Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has launched a game on the mighty deity of India called Hanuman: Boy Warrior for the Playstation console. The first game to be developed entirely by an Indian company for the Playstation 2, it took 9 months for Aurona Technologies to complete, the press release said. Aurona is part of the troubled Pyramid Saimira group.

It is an first-person, action-adventure game that follows the rise of Hanuman through his childhood and early adulthood. Targeted at children and young teens (12 years and plus), the game has been carefully kept free of blood-and-gore visuals and focuses instead on relating the myth to entry level gamers. The hero swings his mace at asuras and learns about his special powers from sadhus. Hanuman: Boy Warrior will also be sold in UK and South Africa.

Hanuman: Boy Warrior is not the first PS2 game that is available in Hindi (see Singstar Bollywood). Sony plans to continue this feature of including Indian languages and will introduce two more Indian languages for its rural Indian sports game.

Thoughts on Pricing 

Hanuman: Boy Warrior is priced at Rs 499, a pretty fair rate for a PS2 game in the country, though it could have been priced lower at the Rs. 199 mark to make it more attractive; gameplay matters more than the context, and with pirated games available for around Rs. 80-150, Hanuman could have attempted to beat the piracy market.

More PS2 Games In The Offing

It is the first PS2 game to be completely developed in India, but we can expect to see more from Aurona‘s competitors Indiagames, Trine, DQ Entertainment and Dhruva Interactive. Remember Sony’s multiple tie-ups last year with some 13 gaming developers in India? It had announced then that Hanuman would be launched along with a slew of games based on Bollywood, mythology and culture, according to Business Standard. So this is what we can expect from Indian PS2 games.

GamingIndians has Atindriya Bose, country manager – Playstation, Sony Computer Entertainment India, saying there will be educational & quiz games, games inspired by rural Indian sports and one on gang wars in Mumbai. Gameshastra will be launching a game featuring traditional Indian sports like Kho Kho, Kabaddi and Gulli Danda this year. Candella Software will be creating a serious quiz for IAS aspirants.