Sony Playstation (Including Grey Market numbers) – Atindriya Bose, Sony Computer Entertainment
420,000 PS2s
125,000 PSPs, has taken speed over the last two years
30-35,000 PS3s. The PS3 is being sold at a purchasing power parity of GBP 1800

Xbox 360 – Jaspreet Bindra, Microsoft

Less than 100,000 XBox 360s, with less than 20% of those on XBox Live

Zapak – Rohit Sharma, COO, Zapak

Have invested over $30 million so far
6 million unique registered users
100 million pageviews
15 million gameplays
Till date, 35 million unique people have visited Zapak
Have over 150 advergames, which are being monetized
Have 60 cafes in 31 cities, with an ARPU is $50/month/user, generating Rs. 1 lakh/day
ARPU is 200 per active user, and over 50,000 users
have sold about 200,000 CDs till date.