Liquidity will be a challenge for all Media, UTV Founder and CEO Ronnie Screwvala has told employees in an internal email on his outlook at 2009. Interestingly, Screwvala believes that UTVs investors (Ed: including Disney) will view the group as “the whole”, and not the sum of parts.

Click here to view the complete email (via PressTalk)

Some inputs from the email:

— Indiagames (Mobile, Games On Demand): has doubled the size of its business in 2008, and has a target of over 75,000 subscription base for its Games On Demand service, while doubling its revenue. “Their challenge is Marketing and Retaining their community and to get them to pay for Content.”
— Ignition (Console Gaming): In the January-March 2009 Quarter, the company will release three Console Gaming titles – Vampire Rain, Blue Dragon and Metal Slug. However, its main focus has been on the 3 IPs being created for release late in 2009-10 – War Devil , El Shadai and Reich. “we have a LOT riding on its combined success.” The challenge for Ignition: “to Market & Distribute – 3 multi platform Games in 6 months … but with a lot of lead time to pre plan.”
— True Games (MMOG): is a micro-transactions based massively multiplayer online gaming startup. Expect a launch on the first 6 months of 2009.

New Media
has aggregated a library of (mostly in regional and focused language space rather than the expensive Hindi language acquisitions. Screwvala claims UTVi overtook Yahoo Finance 8 months ago, though he doesn’t specify the metric. Their targets: “New Media has to build and and – into leadership positions and a profitable business model around it. UTV as a serious player in internet has to be delivered early in 2009. Their challenge is – Focus and Top of Line Content offering.”