htblogsBetter late than never. Almost a year after its sister publication Mint launched blogs, Hindustan Times has launched, reports PressTalk.

The content is segmented according to themes – BlogWatch from Chief Editor Sanjoy Narayan, Expat On The Edge by Naomi Canton, Capital Closeup by Pankaj Vohra, Medium Term by Vir Sanghvi, IndiGestion by Indrajit Hazra, among others. So far, there appears to be one writer per segment, while Mint blogs do have multiple writers. For HT Blogs to succeed, they’ll have to ensure frequent updates, so having multiple writers does help. It will also be interesting to see whether the writers respond to the comments made on the blogs, and how open they are to linking out to other publications, blogs and websites for more information. Also, I wonder if HT is open to contributions from its readers. 

The design: HTBlogs is using the WordPress MU (multi user) platform, and the Streamline theme from the popular Revolution series. Therefore, in terms of design and perhaps even logins, it lacks an integration with