Bharti Airtel’s new Internet Protocol Television has finally been launched in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. Airtel is using MPEG4-10 compression, and interestingly has a last mile delivery on copper, with ADSL2+.

The Services
IPTV brings flexible viewing – called time shifting – to the living room, which allows users to pause and rewind live TV, and the ability to record TV channels. The time shifting is being done on the network, at the head-end, instead of the set-top box like in case of DTH.

Apart from this, IPTV allows broadband related services, and commerce like booking movie tickets and ordering a pizza just by pushing a button on your TV remote. Bharti Airtel is also offering Video on Demand services, with around 100 movies available, which you can download anytime.

Like they did in case of the launch of DTH, Airtel is also pushing the concept of a unified bill with for voice, broadband and TV and video entertainment.

The Pricing

Bharti Airtel is offering two plans for the IPTV service. The triple play plan is called Magic@ Home Pack. For Rs. 999 a month, the pack offers 135 channels, a 256 kbps, unlimited download Internet connection as well as a landline. The other plan, called the Combo

Pack, costs Rs. 599 per month. It includes 117 channels and an Internet connection at 256 kbps with a download limit of 2.5 GB.

We’ve contact Airtel for more details. More on this soon.