Webdunia MalayalamThis doesn’t augur well for the local language content space: Webdunia, the internet arm of the Nai Dunia Group of publications has asked its employees in Kerala to move to Chennai: T. Sasimohan, Editor of the Malayalam portal was asked alongwith 9 employees to join the Chennai operations on Jan 1st. Pankaj Jain, COO of Webdunia, however, has told IANS that the Malayalam portal will remain operational, and some employees may work from home. 

Webdunia is also providing language content to Yahoo India, so it is unlikely that they will shut down the Malayalam segment alltogether. This appears to be a cost-cutting move, with the operations being consolidated in Chennai. Apart from Malayalam and English, Webdunia has portals for Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi.

Earlier, last month, Zapak had scaled down operations in Bangalore, and asked employees to move to Mumbai.

Update: we’ve modified the headline – as correctly pointed out by the company, Webdunia has closed its Trivandrum ops, not Malayalam ops, since the portal will remain active.