Word just in from Rediff: apparently it was an elaborate hoax – a rather well executed one at that, and we should have suspected it when we noted the login powered by JA Highslide (Joomla Art). 

Just to be sure, we before putting up this story, we had also done a who-is lookup on the domain from http://www.pknic.net.pk/, and gleaned the following details:

Domain Name: rediff.com.pk
Registrant: Rediff, Daniyal Waseem, Address 34 Oxford Street, London  
Create Date: 2008-05-27
Expire Date: 2010-05-27
Agent Organization: Nexus Technologies
Technical Contact: Nexus Technologies, Arsalan Mahmud, Islamabad 

It appears that someone has gone to elaborate lengths to spoof the Rediff site. Our apologies to Rediff and to our readers for the inaccurate story carried. 

Original story:

So it looks like it’s time to look overseas and address a different geography: NASDAQ listed Rediff.com has launched a website targeting citizens of Pakistan; the site is appropriately named Rediff Pakistan. The site has an interface quite different from that of Rediff.com, and it perhaps conforms to the Rediff redesign that CEO Ajit Balakrishnan mentioned a few days ago. Rediff has also opened an office in Lahore, Pakistan.

Some of the content is Pakistan specific, while other segments appear to be pages from Rediff.com, with a wrapper: Take a look at Astology, Matchmaker, Q&A and Photos. 

Other segments like Showbiz and Music are specific to Pakistan, though the music segment is still being populated. Interestingly, the site has a separate login…apparently powered by JA Highslide (Joomla Art).

Interestingly, while Rediff doesn’t have an Urdu site, they are using Google translate to enable different languages, including Arabic.