Economic Times GujaratiBCCL (The Times of India Group) has launched the website for The Economic Times, Gujarati (ET Gujarati). The domain name redirects to the website, though it hasn’t been linked to from the main site There is no official announcement from ET on the Gujarati site, and perhaps it is still being tested. This follows the launch of the website for ET Hindi in August this year. ET has also put up a page for assisting users who aren’t able to view the font correctly.

The launch of the ET Gujarati website is a welcome development, particularly since Business Standard has stopped updating the website for its Gujarati financial daily, after the publication was shut down. The site doesn’t appear to have been updated since September 10th.

Remember that ET had launched a portfolio tracker earlier this month…I wonder if they intend to launch the same service in Hindi and Gujarati as well. A mobile version of the Hindi and Gujarati sites should also be in the offing. 

Meanwhile, according to a poll we took on Indic languages, most of the respondents feel that we will see mass adoption of Indic languages only after 2013. Hopefully, that shouldn’t deter the proliferation of Indic language content online. The poll is still open, so do cast your vote.

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