Guruji FinanceI quite like‘s Finance Search: the search is predictive, the search results page is uncluttered, the interface is smooth (AJAX) and they’ve got additional information like the company’s financial statements. inputs on recent block deals, related companies (competitors), a breakup of major shareholders, company specific news etc. It looks similar to Google Finance, which doesn’t have as much information on Indian companies yet, though they’re now covering more companies than they used to 4-5 months ago. Guruji, at present, has more information.

Guruji has also incorporated a company comparison service, much like Rediff’s MoneyWiz, currently lacks a share price comparison chart (for trends). The next step for Guruji would be to launch a portfolio tracking service…like Google Finance has.

Alongwith the financial information, Guruji is also aggregating news stories related to the company…and if they’re already aggregating company specific news, I wonder why they haven’t launched a news search yet. Of course, having a search is one thing…people using it is quite another.

Note to Guruji: Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Ltd isn’t being aggreagted. Compare this with this.