Sequoia Capital funded website appears to have gone in for a mid-course correction, writes Minglebox was built as an online alternative to a “college hangout” (more on that here) featuring college events but now is being positioned as a “College, Education and Career” site.

The site now features:

— Educational content for preparation for MBA
— Country specific information for studying in UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Singapore
— Counlelling: They’ve also added a segment for counselling from the head of test preparation from IMS, an MBA training institute.
— Courses Database: for MBA and IT courses

Advertisers on the site include colleges like the Asian Institute of Gaming and Animation, and foreign education counselling agencies like “The Chopras“.

With this, Minglebox will be competing head-on with other sites in the education space like, and Info Edge’s

Minglebox isn’t the first social networking site to go in for a mid-course correction – early last year, People Group owned repositioned itself as a social networking site. It had been launched as a dating site. What’s interesting is that Sequoia Capital India has invested in both People Interactive and