Gaurav Mishra, COO and Co-founder of search engine has left the company, CEO Anurag Dod confirmed to MediaNama, as did Mishra. Mishra said that he’s left due to personal reasons, and needs to return to the US soon. Dod denied the rumour that Sequoia Capital has written off the Guruji investment, and maintained that they have enough funding, and are going to sail through these troubled times. He reiterated that they’re doing well in terms of revenues, but declined to share specifics, saying that their AdGuru product (an ad network we haven’t heard about before), is doing well. Mishra mentioned that Guruji’s music search has seen great uptake. Note: Updated the AdGuru link, via Alootechie.

Guruji was reported to have received $7 Million in investment from Sequoia Capital. We’ve written to Sequoia Capital MD Sumir Chadha for comments. More as we have it.
From an earlier post on Guruji: “I think the larger issue here is of the role that Guruji is trying to play in the search space, and the apparent lack of uptake of their services (comparison). I do believe that Guruji chose the right path with local language search, instead of taking on Google head-on, but the lack of growth of local-language content, and Google developing its own local-language search probably robbed Sequoia and Guruji of an exit route. Let’s see if they break even by the end of 2009, and reach their Rs. 20 crore revenue target.”