In September 2008, India added 10.07 million wireless subscribers – a significant step up from the 9 million odd monthly additions earlier this year. The wireless subscriber base is now 315.31 million, up from 305.24 million at the end of August. What is ironic is that the highest increase in wireless connections has come in the same month as one of the highest declines in wireline: with around 280,000 fixed line connections cancelled during the month, to bring the base down to 38.35 million, from 38.63 million in August.

With this, the teledensity is now up to 30.64 percent, with the total number of telephone (wireline and wireless) connections at 353.66 million.

Wireline & Broadband Subscriber Figures For September 2008

India is also inching towards 5 million broadband connections – with around 170,000 broadband connections added in the month, the total base stands at 4.90 million. What’s important is that the fixed line cancellations are outpacing the addition of broadband connections – it’s a losing battle now for the Indian government, though it’s apparent that they really aren’t interested in broadband connectivity.