Rediff has gone live with applications on their video sharing platform iShare, just in time for the announcement of their second quarter earnings results. What’s rather odd is that they appear to have gone live with only 3 applications so far:
Qwiz (160 users)
Dedicate A Song (516 users)
OMG It’s SRK (Oh My God, It’s Shah Rukh Khan) (76 users)

Take a look at 3 applications around this clip

Only 11 Apps In 3 Months?
Rediff had created a separate social network Social, as a “sandbox” for application developers to test their apps. I logged in, only to find a list of just 11 apps, three of which we’ve mentioned above. The rest:

Groups (create groups, 11 users)
Rocks Papers Scissors (133 users)
Gifts (gifts for friends, 162 users)
ulaT-palaT ke joRo (Word Game, 47 users)
aTuniTu joDinchu (Word Game, 12 users)
tAvi tAvi joDicer (Word Game, 14 users)
ulaToon-palaToon joDA (Word Game, 28 users)
Events (manage your events, 22 users)

(Screencap of apps page)

So what’s going on with Rediff? Remember that in the last earnings conference call, Rediff CEO Ajit Balakrishnan had said that “Our platform is such that almost every 10 days to two weeks, you’re going to see new verticals open.” An entire quarter later, it’s just iShare, and just 11 applications. Have there been some technical glitches, is there simply no developer interest, are there not enough application developers in the world, or is there something in the terms and conditions that developers don’t agree with?

Perhaps, it’s just that applications going live and spreading will attract more developers. In that case, the entire success of the developer platform depends on the update.

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