On the 25th of February this year, Samsung Electronics filed for a patent in India, for an accessory that allows the receipt of Mobile TV information, via DMB (Digital Media Broadcasting). As a Mobile TV standard, DMB competes with the DVB-H standard, which has been backed by Nokia, and is being trialed by Doordarshan and Nokia in Delhi (around the Minto Road area, I’m told).

According to the filing, the patent is for the device which converts the received DMB data format into a multimedia format that can be reproduced by a typical mobile device. We found this interesting because the propagation of mobile TV handsets are an issue in India: for example, I can’t try out the Doordarshan terrestrial broadcast via DVB-H using my Nokia N95, and will need a Nokia N92.

Also keep in mind that Mobile TV is a digital terrestrial broadcast service, and not necessarily a Cellular phone service – the broadcast can be received by any device – whether a TV in a bus or a car, or a mobile handset. A receiving accessory that can be plugged into a mobile phone, or even a laptop, will greatly increase the potential user base.

Details of the patent filing here.

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