Bharti Airtel has announced the launch of Airtel Digital TV, a DTH service targeting 62 cities, with over 21000 retail outlets. The service is on a I’m at the press conference, where Manoj Kohli, CEO & Jt MD of Bharti Airtel, outlined the companys strategy of switching from a “land-grab”, from having Airtel grab more and more of the customers wallet.

Kohli said that the market is currently at an initial stage – the penetration is just at 3 percent, with just 7 million DTH customers. “We believe that in the gestation period, the other players have spent and educated  the customers, and the time is right for us to take up this 225 million household market. We’re confident of taking up the leadership position in the DTH segment.”

Atul Bindal, President of Telemdia Services for Bharti Airtel:
Digital TV is the third age of television in India – it is a high definition ready, interactive, and this is what is taking the market to the third stage. The customers have evolved to become more price sensitive, and are demanding the best in terms of quality.

Smart-ass retort of the day: following the preview of the TV commercials for Airtel Digital TV,with 9 celebrities signed up, Atul Bindal said that “this is the first time that 9 celebrities are coming to your home.” Immediately, a retort from a photographer right in front – “When?”