AdEx India, a division of TAM Media has published an assessment of advertising spends from Internet sites for January-June 2008. An analysis of the TV advertising spends is available at, and the print advertising spends are at Bear in mind that these trends outline volumes, and not the actual spends.

Going through both stories, we observed the following trends:

— Travel portals have shown a preference for Print over TV: None of the travel portals are among the top 10 advertisers on TV (in terms of volumes), but they dominate the print segment with 41 percent of column-cm bought by Internet companies. Ezeego1 advertised most in Print, with 18 percent of the total mix.

— More growth in Print over TV: Overall, the growth in TV advertising from portals was flat – only an increase of 7 percent year on year, while the increase in print (in column-cm) was greater among Internet portals at an 89 percent increase, year on year. Is there more value for money in print, or are the ads just cheaper?

— Network Effect comes into play: cross promotion of media company owned portals is, but, expected. On TV, Network18 owned properties like Homeshop18 (11 percent), Moneycontrol (4%) Jobstreet (3%) are all among the top “spenders”, while ESPNStar is at 6%, MobileNDTV is at 5%, and Indiatimes Mail at 3%. Spare a thought for those spending without any media company backing (so the money doesn’t stay within the group) – sites like – Monster India (4%), AOL (3%), 99Acres (3%) and Shine (3%). In print, Shine (7%), Travelguru (6%) and Indiatimes shopping (3%) were a part of the mix. This gives you a sense of what media company support can do in terms of advertising, though ironically, there aren’t many private treaties companies in the mix, apart from TravelGuru and Ezeego1.

I do think AdEx needs to take another look at their research – the “general category” needs to be split further for the TV analysis to be meaningful. More on TV and Print advertising by Internet sites.

Disclosure: I own shares of Info Edge and Network18